About Us

Mid America Gourmet is a specialty gourmet foods supplier driven by a passion for
bringing the highest quality ingredients to chefs and food establishments. We strive to better their businesses by providing the best value, driving creativity, and helping to create the finest dining experience for their guests.

At Mid America Gourmet, we believe that time is your most valuable resource. We
have decades of experience in culinary operations and foodservice procurement,
understanding that finding the perfect ingredient to suit your needs can be a
painstaking task.

MAG wants to take the guesswork out, and allow you to find the items you need,
when you need them. Whether it’s your every-day workhorse ingredients or elite
caliber chocolate and petit fours for a special event, we’ve got you covered.

We’re a specialty foods collective, partnering with you to bring top trending items
and old world classics to your kitchen today.