Felchlin Bolivia 38% Milk Couverture

Felchlin Bolivia 38% Milk Couverture



  • $167.50

  • This is Felchlin Bollivia 38% Milk Chocolate Couverture (38%-48h).
  • This is among the finest of milk couvertures made from rare and wild cacao beans from Bolivia. 
  • The traditional, gentle processing method (48 hours conching) unfolds an array of rich, harmonious cacao flavors complemented by many aromas, expressing the complexity of the very small beans that weigh just about half of usual cacao beans.
  • Because of their small size, they do not fit the industry norms and machines, but they are exceptionally tasty.
  • Use Felchlin Bolivia coat pralines and specialities, fill hollow shells and create ganaches, mousses and creams.
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