Felchlin Gianduja Dark Intenso Hazelnut Bar

Felchlin Gianduja Dark Intenso Hazelnut Bar



  • $145.00

  • This is Felchlin Gianduja D Intenso hazlenut bar.
  • Gianduja has a well balanced cacao taste and contains a high percentage of Turkish Hazelnuts. The result is a perfect texture medium-firm Gianduja with an intense, natural, fruity and nutty taste with a distinct caramel edge.
  • Due to the higher percentage of roasted hazelnuts, the Gianduja Dark Intenso offers a medium-firm a delicious, natural and nutty taste, with less sugar!
  • Felchlin Gianduja D is Ideal for cut and moulded chocolates. 
  • Suitable for confectionery, pastry, flavoring and ice cream.

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