Felchlin Ultra White M Coating Chocolate

Felchlin Ultra White M Coating Chocolate



  • $112.00

  • This is The Felchlin Ultra White M moulding chocolate.
  • The Felchlin Ultra White moulding chocolate is easy to use as no tempering is required.
  • Perfect for moulded dimensional items or confectionary requiring a firmer coating as it sets with a shiny finish and firm snap.
  • Use Ultra White for coating of cakes, tarts, pastries and confectionaries. To mould fancy items (Easter bunnies, eggs etc.).
  • Warm to between 48–50°C/118–122°F. Working temperatures 35–45°C/95–113°F. Does not need tempering.

  • Use our amazing Color Brix to tint this coating before applying to your sweet treats!
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