Boiron Puree Recipe Charts

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To see the best uses of frozen fruit and vegetable purees at a glance, Les vergers Boiron have drawn up concise and practical charts.

Classic or novel pastry, confectionery, chocolate and ice recipes are described with the exact proportion of each ingredient depending on the Les vergers Boiron fruit or vegetable puree used. They also contain a few reminders about best practices (defrosting, storage, etc.), and useful information on different methods of preparing recipes. 
Needless to say this will give wings to your creativity and save you a lot of time. Thus, all major preparations are presented, to which are obviously added all those you had perhaps not thought of. Some tricks by artisans and specialists complement these charts that will rapidly prove indispensable.
You can download these three charts in PDF format, ideal for printing out as a reminder, guide and handbook!
Pastry Chefs
Ice-cream Makers
Confectioners and Chocolatiers

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