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A passion for cocoa

Our group became interested in the planters in cocoa-producing countries and in particlaur, Ivory Coast, very early on. Our agronomists work side by side with the planters in the production zones to ensure consistent quality.
Just as an œnologist who choses grape varieties and their origins for their qualities and specific characteristics, our teams select cocoa beans that will provide a unique taste to each one of our creations.

A passion for chocolate

Chocolate is our profession, but we are also chocolate enthusiasts.

The pleasure in chocolate is its taste, but there is also the sensorial stimulation that accompanies the tasting; the presentation, the history, the smell, the shine of the chocolate, the crack of bars and moulded chocolates, the moment when the chocolate melts in the mouth and its aromatic notes take over…

A passion for know-how

Mastering the infinite palette of cocoa flavours entails managing all of the stages involved in developing its aromatic potential: cultivation, fermentation, roasting, conching…

Conching for example is a process in which the cocoa is mixed at a high temperature allowing the cocoa to reveal its chocolate aromas, reduce its acidity and create its texture

A passion for people

We greatly respect the consumer, but we also respect all the actors who play a role in the chocoalte chain of production: the planters, our suppliers and all our team members who work within the group.
Across the major periods of our history we have always been able to encourage our team members’ pride in our profession and their passion for our know-how. This has always been our group’s driving force.

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